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The nearly 360-degree view from the gazeboThe nearly 360-degree view from the gazeboOn the hill towering over the village there's a gazebo, from which there's a breathtaking view of Bogács and the Bükkalja region.

Built in the year of the millennium, this hexagonal building is situated very high but not because of the steps leading up to it but because of the hill it's built upon. The parapet standing on the ground was made from local stones. The gazebo can be found inside the village not far from the folk house.

Looking down from it we can see Bogács, the neighbouring settlements, and we can admire the beautiful landscape around and below us. To the north we can see the southern part of the several-century-old, tree-covered slopes of the Bükk Mountains. If we look to the south, we can see as far as the South-Borsod Plains and the Heves Plains.

It can be visited free of charge at any time
Address: Szomolyai Street

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