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This village situated at the foot of the Bükk Mountains is an ideal starting point of short and long tripsThis village situated at the foot of the Bükk Mountains is an ideal starting point of short and long tripsWe can take a pleasant walk or ride a bicycle in Bogács, too. We can visit Hintóvölgy (a valley) and see the wine cellars and the five-socket beehive stone. We can have a picnic at the fishing lake or under the old trees of Jács Valley. If we come back from there we can also see the Millennium lookout tower on the same day. Those who like longer trips can go to the nearby forests and villages. And finally those who insist staying in their cars should know that Bogács is an ideal starting point of single centre trips.

Every Friday an organized bike trip starts to the sights of the surroundings from the Tourist Information Office, where you can rent a bike if you need one. Every Wednesday a village walk starts from the same place. Detailed information about it later. And now some tips for trips to the nearby stone relics.


A journey from prehistoric times to present day

The Devil Tower nature trail starts from and ends in the centre of Cserépfalu. It can be covered in two parts and from both ends. During the trip we can see the wine cellars of Cserépfalu, the little American cave dwellings, Suba Hole Cave and the beehive stones.

On the southwest slope of Mész-tető Hill northeast of the village there are a few tuff cones. One of them is a beehive stone called Devil Tower, this is where the nature trail got its name. On the cone three sockets can be seen.

From the centre of Bogács to the destination of the trip there is 4.8 km.
Distance: 9-10 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: easy trip

A trip to the land of beehive stones

During the trip we can see the most spectacular beehive stones of Bükkalja, the cave dwellings and the animal pen of the village.
From the southwest of Bogács we can walk to Szomolya, but the road is suitable for cycling, too.

Distance: 12-13 km
Time: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: medium hard trip

Beehive stone nature trail

Szomolya and the surrounding countryside is the richest place in beehive stones, and we can find the most varied geological forms, too. On Vén Mountain there are eight of them – this is called Beehive Stone Plateau – the biggest rock cone is called the King’s Chair.
The beehive stone nature trail made by the Beehive Stone Association is a two-stage, partly round trail. Its sign is a white square with a diagonal blue stripe and it can be found in a territory, which has been a reserve since 1960. On this trail all the famous beehive stones can be seen.

Distance: 4 km
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium hard trip

The stone relics and wine cellars of Cserépfalu – Bükkzsérc – Noszvaj

During the trip following the yellow sign in Noszvaj we can see the Farkaskő Caves Creative Site, the Alsó-hegy wine cellars in Bükkzsérc, the Dóci, Fidóci and Berezdalja wine cellars and the little American cave dwellings in Cserépfalu.

Distance: 15-16 km
Time: 7-8 hours
Difficulty: hard trip

The stone relics of Cserépváralja

During the trip we can see the beehive stones and the castle of picturesque Cserépváralja and also a folk house in a cave dwelling. On the red sign we get to Cserépváralja, then we must follow the road signs.

Distance: 12-13 km
Time: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: medium hard trip

In the cave dwellings we are helped by the Beehive Stone Conservation and Cultural Association.
Phone: +36 20/218-1450
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Single centre tours

Bogács is a perfect starting point of single centre tours for guests coming by car. Miskolc is only 52 km away where you can visit Lillafüred, which shows a different side of the Bükk Mountains, the castle of Diósgyőr and the cave bath in Miskolc-Tapolca. A little further away but still possible for a one-day trip is Aggtelek, Jósvafő and the Baradla Cave, which is a world heritage site. Another world heritage area is the Tokaj-hegyalja wine region, whose centre is Tokaj, 120 km from Bogács. Szilvásvárad and Szalajka Valley are 44 km away, while Eger with its famous castle is 18 km far from our village.

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